French shoes have several images: high-end craftmanship, luxury goods, and the industry. One of the strengths of the French footwear sector is how diverse it is. Companies work in virtually all footwear product ranges (shoes, pumps, sneakers, sandals, boots, espadrilles, etc.) and hace perfected specialised manufacturing techniques (double-stitching, Goodyear stitching, etc.) using a wide range of materilas (leather, fabric, synthetic materials etc.). They have offerings for all markets, for men, women and children.


Whatever field they specialise in, innovation, creativity and skills are at the heart of each and every company. French shoes have a reputation for quality and elegance, and have an outstanding recognition factor both nationally and internationally.


Since January 2106, French shoe manufacturing has been recognised as an art and craft, defined as: The footwear designer/manufacturer makes shoes based on a technical heritage that includes skill and knowledge, a special touch and a knowledge for leather. This manufacturing process requires 150 operations, and is defined by the mass-production of objects based on flat pieces of material.


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