Our Federation has just sent out a clear message about its ability to evolve and adapt to change.

It is both a necessity and an indication of our energy, in a context where we are forced like never before to rethink how we have reacted in the past, to reposition our strategies and look at new ways of doing things.


Currently there are three major challenges. Rather than focusing on our traditional missions, this is where the Federation is intending to take action in order to re-enhance the image of French products and support the competitiveness of companies working in the footwear sector.


  • Our principal strategic asset: design. Original creation are certainly a truly legitimate source of added value in terms of the French tradition. We are tasked with growing and stimulating this "French touch" so that the difference it brings continues to be felt. 
  • Our second area of focus is export. It is know a priority for us to help companies open up to the outside and conquer new world markets. The Federation deals with the specific constraints of the sector, including company size, and is committed to offering solutions such as strategic alliances. 
  • The third and final planned area for improvement is logistics. From taking the order to billing and delivery, processes need to be fluid and highly-rationalised. in an increasingly competitive world, to generate savings it is vital to have complete control of the supply chain.


Companies are aware of these challenges. They can reply on the motivation and effectiveness of the Federation's teams and services to support them.