Legal and social training: negotiating and informing

From sector negotiations to personalized information, the Federation makes available its legal and social expertise to the profession and to each of its members. 


Social, training regulations: at the forefront with an institutional role

  • Respond to the needs of the profession in carrying out the preparation work needed with company representatives with the sectorial agreements and continuing vocational training policies (Social and Training Commissions).
  • Negotiate sectorial agreements with representatives of unions and works councils in a joint commission (minimum wages, employee retention, employment of seniors etc.) and training (implementation of vocational qualification certification).
  • Within the Technical Commission, discuss coming product regulations (environment, quality and safety) with a view to anticipating them and enabling companies to make preparations.
  • Represent our profession at standardization meetings with bodies such as CEN/AFNOR/CEN/ISO.
  • Consult retailers and make proposals on good practice agreements.


An information platform

Regularly inform companies about recent legal and social developments in our business sector.


Specialized advice for members

  • Make available financial, commercial and legal information relating to companies in our sector (business creation, receiverships).
  • Provide responses to requests from companies relating to labour law, vocational training, retail relations etc.
  • Provide individual services in brand management: prior rights searches, searches of existing brands and trademark surveillance.