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The French Footwear Federation publishes information on the following sbjects: eco-contribution, the commission on innovation and development, creating environmental awareness, safety shoes, the Innoshoe project, Reach regulation, the composition of materials used in footwear, "made in..." labelling...


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Focus on the Innoshoe project

INNOSHOE is the charter that ensures the harmless manufacturing process of shoes.​ logo innoshoe


This charter establishes a new standard, a new reference in terms of seriousness, reliability and quality, and underpins the engagement of its members for the safety of the feet of all their customers.

This new charter is an expression of the commitment of its signatories - the INNOSHOE members, that they will carry out everything to ensure that the products they manufacture are not harmful and don’t interfere with people’s health, are innocuous and present no danger for those who wear them.

The manufacturers – the members of INNOSHOE - demonstrate their commitment to a responsible behaviour.

With the help and support of CTC, Expert Centre servicing the Leather industry, the signatories members defined a methodology by controls and test process to ensure that their production complies with the strictest norms in terms of chemical safety for their clients.


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