To represent the profession and defend its interests

With our strengths in lobbying and communication, the Federation intercedes at the highest levels to make the profession's voice heard and undepin ils ambitions in France, Europe and worldwide. A summary of our missions:

At the national level

  • To act as an ambassador for the profession to public authorities, affirming the specific nature of the sector and promoting its interests.
  • To act to spearhead proposals to the "Comité de Liaison des Industries de Main d’oeuvre" (Liaison Committee for Labour-Intensive Industries) (CLIMO), the MEDEF (French Employers' Association) and the "Conseil National du Cuir" (National Leather Council) (CNC).
  • To engage in permanent dialog with companies operating in the sector, and develop partnership policies with all stakeholders involved within or outside the sector.
  • To consult with professional retailing-sector organisations and be a source for making proposals for agreements on good commercial practice.


At the European level

  • In direct contact with the European Commisssion to defend the interests of the footwear industry in European negotiations.
  • To promote French positions within the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC).
  • To anticipate planned European regulations in order to enable the French industry to make preparations for them.


At the worldwide level

  • To push for access to export markets within the framework of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).