Launch of the French-Shoes digital showroom

Publication date : October,08 2020

Announced in July, the new digital showroom developed by the Fédération Française de la Chaussure was launched on October 5th.

The virtual platform is designed to meet the demand of a number of member brands, in order to put them in contact more directly with the press services and to make the French footwear visible to different groups of buyers. A first contact with French buyers is initiated at the beginning of October by means of a newsletter and a partnership with the magazine l'Essentiel de la Chaussure, to make the initiative known to buyers, and to present the PE21 collections.

A global list of prospects estimated at 3,000 French contacts includes shoe retailers, fashion retailers, department stores, websites, concept stores, and some networks anchored in the world of sport.


Visi the showroom on (for now in French only)