Exhibition: "500 years of French Passion for shoes"

Publication date : September,09 2016

from 24 September to 16 October 2016 in Shanghai

Following on from Hong Kong in 2015, the "Fédération Française de la Chaussure" continued its activities in China by opening the exhibition "500 years of French Passion for shoes" in Shanghai. It took place in the prestigious Mall of the Kerry Centre, between 24 September and 16 October 2016.


KERRY CENTREVisuel FFC_Expo Shanghai 2016

Sept 24th to October 16th 2016


Jing An Kerry Centre
1515 Nanjing Road
Shanghai 200040, China






The aim of this exhibition is to create awareness in the Chinese public of the richness and diversity of French shoe manufacturers.


With both innovatory and traditional shoes, visitors can admire over 150 old and modern models sourced from 40 French brands, from the museum at Romans-Sur-Isère, the Saint-André-De-La-Marche Museum, private collections and the FFC.  


The models are separated into 7 different worlds; each one an invitation to discover seven ladies' boudoirs or gentlemen's dressing room, from the 1920s to the present day. The settings for each of the themes are: The shoe centre stage, Fashion and Rigour, A Return to Femininity, Glamour, Day and Night, Classicism for Men, From the elegant man to the new Dandy, Chic and Relaxed.

Completing the visit, there is a cinema space showing the history of French shoes from the 16th Century to the 1920s.


Demonstrations of skills and fun workshops for children run by French brands are scheduled to be held on a regular basis.


Alongside the exhibition, until 30 October there is a pop-up store created for the event by the FFC and set up near the exhibition. Here visitors will have the chance to try and buy models from 6 French brands : Arche, Heschung, Paraboot, Parallèle, JB Martin & Tanya Heath.