French footwear exhibits in China

Publication date : May,04 2015

Exhibition: "500 years of French Passion for shoes" from 4 to 24 May 2015, in Hong Kong.


Update 2015 : 

You will find here a sample of the press release during ad after the event 500 years of French Passion for Shoes

- synthèse des retombées presse

- Presse professionnelle chaussure (French)

- Presse hongkongaise (extract)


The exhibition in video


The exhibition "500 years of French Passion for Shoes" took place as part of the festival 'Le French May' from 4 to 24 May 2015 in Hong Kong inside the prestigious mall Pacific Place. It brought together forty or so French brands. A pop-up store was set up just a stone's throw from the exhibition, offering collections of 8 shoe brands.

Venue: Pacific Place – Garden Court LG1 – 88 Queensway – Hong Kong


affiche_expoHK_lightThe exhibition was filled with collections from nearly 40 French brands and designers, as well as from the International Shoe Museum of Romans, our partner in the exhibition, and the Roger Vivier collection which has been acquired by the 'Fédération Française de la Chaussure'. 150 feet were displayed, based on the following themes: Step by step through history, Fashion and Boot Makers, Signature Heels, Fetish Stilettos, Ballerina pumps for stage and city streets, Sandals of Antiquity, Boot Parade, and Shoes for Men.

Aside from this exhibition, the Federation assisted with the sale of 8 brands within a pop-up store created for the event (see below).

Adieu Paris, Aigle, Anaki, Annabel Winship, Apologie, Arche, Atelier Caulaincourt, Avril Gau, Azurée Cannes, Bagllerina, Christian Louboutin, Ernest, Eugène Riconneaus, Francois Najar, Free Lance, JB Rautureau, JB Martin, J.M. Weston, Joseph Malinge, La Botte Gardiane, Louis Felix, Louise Deloris, Maurice Manufacture, Mellow Yellow, Michel Perry, Opéra National De Paris, Paraboot, Parallèle, Pierre Corthay, Repetto, Robert Clergerie, Sartore Paris, Stéphane Kélian, Tanya Heath, Villebois


The festival 'Le French May' was created at the instigation of the French Consulate in Hong Kong and Macao 23 years ago to promote the arts and talents of France in a myriad of areas. Culture, arts and crafts, savoir‐faire and industry in all their forms are represented within it. The festival ensures high visibility for France to the public of Hong Kong and to Chinese tourists visiting Hong Kong every year. They are particularly keen to make purchases in the Golden Week.

From 4 to 31 May 2015, The French Signature pop-up store displayed goods made by 8 French footwear brandsbto the wider public. These included 6 brands of women's shoes: Arche, Avril Gau, Ernest, JB Martin, Maurice Manufacture and Parallèle, one brand offering shoes for men and women, Paraboot, and one brand of men's shoes, Joseph Malinge Créateur.

The pop-up shop was located just a stone's throw from the exhibition, and it meant that we were able to respond to the expectations of visitors who wanted to purchase French shoes. There was also the aim of presenting a more extensive offering to distributors or investors likely to assist these brands in developing internationally within Asia. Lets track developments!


 Popup (4)light Parallele_2light Avril_Gau_2light Paraboot_2light Popup_dehaut2light