History of a French Passion for Accessories

Publication date : September,27 2018

30 September till 28 October, the Fédération de la chaussure with the Leather National Council organise a multi-sector exhibition : HISTORY OF A FRENCH PASSION FOR LEATHER ACCESSORIES


An exhibition

After Hong Kong and Shanghai, the French Footwear Federation will exhibit this fall, for the first time, about 150 leather accessories in Korea. The "History of a French Passion for Leather Accessories" exhibition provides the Korean public with the opportunity to see how much accessories havec counted in the history of French fashion in a scenography specially created for this exhibition. The common denominator of the selection presented is leather because of the primary role it plays in the fabrication of accessories.




The lenders

The French Federation would like to thank all companies that have been generous enough to lends us exhibits : Anne & François Camilli, Françoise Mane, Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg, Raymond Massaro, Madame Monchablon, Musée des Métiers de la Chaussure, Fédération Française de la Chaussure, Musée A la Carte®.

As well as the French footwear, gloves and leather goods companies : Adieu Paris, Agnelle, Anaki, Anonyme Paris, Arche, Aurok, Atelier Auguste, Azurée Cannes, Causse, Clairvoy, Clergerie, Damien Béal, Ephyre, Gainerie 91, Georges Morand, Givenchy Parfums, Guerlain, Heschung, JM Weston, Lavabre-Cadet, Léon Flam, Ganterie Lesdiguières, Maison Ernest, Méduse, Opéra National de Paris, Parallèle, Quinoa, Sartore Paris, Stéphane Kélian, Sophie Marionnet, Via Gioia


Credits : Clairvoy, Photo : J. Habas, © Le musée A la Carte® Photos : T. Malty, Les Grandes Modes de Paris, supplement Nr 122 - a dress by Mr Paul Poiret, Aux Bouffes Parisiens 《Madame l’Amirale》, circa 1910 - Courtesy of A & F Camilli -All Rights Reserved © Le Musée A la Carte®

And a Pop-up store

Simultaneously with the exhibition, from September 30th till October 28th, the French Footwear Federation accompanies 14 shoe, leather goods and and gloves brands on one pop-up store : Agnelle, Angarde, Arche, Avril Gau, Bagllerina Paris, Gordana, Kleman, Le Feuillet, Le Flow, M. Moustache, Martès, Souliers Opéra National de Paris, Pairs in Paris et Parallèle